TSA Rework Part I //MMDREC.ALB07

TSA Rework Part I is the first part of 3 different EP remixes based on Alonso Varela’s debut album:-The Subconscious Awakening, released December 2012.

In this first EP the opening track comes from one of the UK’s Tech-house icons: Ben Hoo, he has developed a robust banger for the dance floor, this spiritual track has long textures and deconstructed parts.

The second track belongs to one of the MMDREC owner/founders, DG, he delivers his classic Techno Trance style, this is his first track on the label and after be in charge of the sound studio production, it is great exposure for his “in balanced” dance groovy work.

The third track comes from one of our MMDREC promises; Kunzt is an old pro, with this remix he starts his career as a producer loyal to his roots, it is one of the most seriously deep techno tracks you can find along the Northern Spanish coast. He is working from a new reference for the label that will be released in the first quarter of 2014.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Parts II and III.